10 Tips for Building Up Your Stash of Frozen Breast Milk

By on January 3, 2022

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Whether you are stockpiling your breast milk in preparation for returning to work, traveling, or just for the security of having a backup milk supply, here are our ten tips to help you build up your freezer stash while you are nursing.

  1. Pump in the morning when your supply is at its highest. After your baby is fully fed, continue to pump off extra milk for another 10–15 mins — it will add up!
  2. Stay consistent with your pumping— going for extended periods without pumping can cause a dip in your milk supply. If possible, get in the habit of pumping every few hours — whether it is to feed your baby or for storage.
  3. Massage, compression, and hot pads are your best friends! Together they are a triple threat that will work wonders in helping you express more milk each session.milk-splash
  4. Try power pumping. Pump for 10 minutes, massage both breasts and wait a few minutes, then pump for 10 more minutes, massage both breasts and wait a few minutes… and repeat.
  5. Eat your oatmeal! Whether it’s folklore or fact, for centuries women have relied on oats as a galactagogue. While there is no scientific evidence to prove their ability to stimulate breast milk production, what is proven is that oats are jam-packed with nutrition making them an excellent food choice for nursing parents.
  6. Increase your supply naturally. Take a well-deserved break and make yourself a cup of organic Mother’s Milk Tea, it’s an excellent lactation tea that helps boost breast milk production. Remember you also have to stay hydrated yourself!
  7. Freeze smaller quantities of milk (2–4 ounces) so there is less waste. Thaw out only what you need. Once breast milk is fully thawed it can’t be refrozen. Check out MyMilk, a genius, mom-founded, solution for storing breast milk in smaller portions.
  8. Catch every drop of that liquid gold with these handy Milk Saver Cups!
     Make sure you understand the breast milk storage guidelines so that you can store, freeze and thaw out your milk safely without waste. And, make sure that your partner and/or baby’s caregiver knows them too!
  9. 10. Be kind to yourself! It’s not all or nothing— if you’re trying to build up your stash but you’re struggling to produce, take a break and try again another day.

If you’re looking to ship your frozen breast milk, use the Milk Stork Stash or find a Milk Stork product that fits your needs best HERE. Tired of paying for breast milk shipping? Have your employer cover Milk Stork today.

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