Tips for Pumping Breast Milk While Traveling

By on December 20, 2021

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What you need for pumping on the plane:

  1. A diaper bag with your pump, bottles, and accessories
  2. Comfortable clothing that provides easy access
  3. Ziplock bags — these will come in handy when you’re storing your used accessories
  4. Wet wipes for easy cleanups
  5. Nursing blanket or a coverup to keep things discreet
  6. A good cooler bag to store your milk

Flying with breast milk is allowed.


Know your rights! Here is TSA’s policy for Screening Formula, Breast Milk, and Juice. Printing this out and having these policies in hand will help you advocate for your rights if someone were to give you a hard time. If you’re flying internationally with breast milk, every country has its own policies and regulations, so be sure to look into them before you fly

You can also read our post on TSA & Traveling With Breast Milk. We offer tips and outline what to expect at the airport HERE.

Airports have gone the extra mile.

Did you also know you can nurse your baby and/or pump comfortably and privately once you get through security? Thanks to the FAM Act (Friendly Airports For Moms), you can find safe designated lactation areas. Mamava has published this list of the best airports for nursing moms.

Ship your milk home.

This is also another option while you are traveling. Whether it’s a day’s supply or an entire stash, we can help you easily and safely ship your liquid gold back home from anywhere in the world!

Safe travels and happy pumping!

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