4 Self-Care Tips By Robin Long

By on November 12, 2020

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We’re very excited to share a few self-care tips brought to you by Robin Long, CEO and Founder of the online wellness group, The Balanced Life. This super mom of four is passionate about helping moms relieve their stress while also providing uplifting tools and encouragement.

Tune into Robin’s latest episode of The Balanced Life Podcast to hear her discuss all things motherhood with our CEO and Founder, Kate Torgersen.


Nursing, pumping, holding your baby, and being a mom are hard work – especially as you juggle work, a pandemic, and a variety of other everyday stresses. Your body is holding onto all that stress, which is then amplified by sitting at a desk, hunching over a pump, or nursing a baby.

As a mom of four (7, 4, and 2-year old twins!) and a business owner, I know firsthand how easy it can be to focus on all of the needs around me and neglect caring for myself. With so many people relying on us, it’s easy to look at self-care as a luxury, but the truth is it’s essential! I want to give you permission and encouragement to take the time you need so you can feel your best.

But don’t worry, I’m not going to add a bunch of things to your to-do list. Self-care doesn’t have to be time consuming or overwhelming.

Here are a few simple ways I have been caring for myself lately, and I hope they help you, too!

1. Getting outside for fresh air + deep breaths

Leave your phone inside, and as you breathe, focus on what you see, hear, and feel. This will help calm your mind and your nervous system as a whole. As we move into colder months, getting outside can be more difficult, but I encourage you to make it happen, if even for a few minutes. You will feel better!

2. Turn off the news and create a plan

For how you will consume it moving forward. We can stay informed without being glued to the latest headline. Limiting our news consumption can have an immediate impact on how calm we feel throughout the day. Pay extra attention to the pop-up notifications and accounts that you follow that may feed you unsettling news when you’re not ready for it. (I personally turn off all news notifications, so I am more in control of what I see and when I see it.)

3. Move each day

Right now, many of us are low on energy and low on time, and it can be easy to let exercise fall off the priority list. Moving our bodies each day, even if it is just for 10-15 minutes, helps reduce stress, calms your mind, and will leave you feeling more energized. I’d love to share this short but effective Pilates workout with you – it can be done anywhere and will leave you feeling stronger and refreshed.

4. Last, and perhaps most important, be gentle with yourself!

In The Balanced Life Community, we have a motto of Grace over Guilt. When things don’t go as planned (you didn’t work out when you intended, got frustrated figuring out online school, didn’t cook a meal, or whatever your current stressors are), take a deep breath and remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can. Choose Grace over Guilt, and remember that tomorrow is yet another fresh start!


I hope these tips help to lighten your load and add some calm to your daily life. Remember to take it one day at a time. You’re doing a great job.

For more encouragement, support, and resources for self-care in this or any season, check out my free 5-day Pilates Strong Challenge. Each day, I’ll send a 15 minute Pilates workout straight to your inbox to help you build strength & feel good!

Robin Long

CEO & Founder of The Balanced Life


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