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By on May 16, 2018

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My story isn’t necessarily of a “super mom” traveling across the world for her career, but as a mom who just wanted to sneak away for a little alone time to rekindle the woman inside of me and the marriage that started our whole amazing family. I have three beautiful little boys, 4 years old, 2 years old and a newborn. This healthy, adorable little newborn really prefers MY company all.night.long. So, nursing, snuggling, nursing, snuggling, repeat, repeat, repeat. It was blissful and exhausting. Please don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love nursing and snuggling my newborn. They are little like this for such a brief period of time. Anyway, by the time Baby Boy was four months old, I was craving a few full nights of sleep and some much needed husband and wife enrichment. But, how was I going to do that? There was no way that I could make a “milk stash” and have enough for baby to drink while I was gone. And I wasn’t ready to supplement with formula – he was still so young! Enter Milk Stork. Somewhere along the middle-of-the-night Pinterest or Google search, I stumbled upon my sanity solution and found Milk Stork. Milk Stork allowed me to leave my newborn to rejuvenate myself and my marriage for a few days without the guilt that I was l letting my baby down or making myself even more crazy by pumping all hours of the day and night to make a freezer stash prior to leaving for vacation. Thank you Milk Stork for easing all of my worries and saving my new-mama sanity.

– Submitted by Rachel Kadlec, Business Owner

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