Limited Edition Cool Commuter: A Mother's Day Gift That Gives Back

By on April 16, 2024

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Milk Stork is excited to unveil a heartfelt initiative designed to support NICU families on their breastfeeding journey, our Limited Edition Cool Commuter, just in time for Mother's Day. We're donating proceeds to Hand to Hold, an incredible non-profit organization that  provides personalized support before, during, and after a NICU stay to help ensure all NICU families thrive.

The Challenges of Pumping for a NICU Baby

Even on the best days, the breastfeeding journey can wrought filled with challenges. Breastfeeding becomes even more complex for parents with babies in the NICU. Milk Stork understands the critical importance of breast milk for NICU babies, and the additional logistical and emotional challenges unique to NICU families.

  1. Emotional Stress: Having a baby in the NICU is emotionally taxing, to say the least. Parents concurrently deal with the stress and anxiety of their baby's health while trying to establish their breast milk supply. Emotional stress alone can affect breast milk production and the feeding process.

  2. Physical Separation: Direct breastfeeding might not be possible initially due to the baby's medical condition. This separation means pumping without baby, and can hinder the establishment of a breastfeeding routine and affect the mother’s breast milk supply.

  3. Pumping Challenges: Many NICU parents rely on pumping to establish and maintain breast milk supply until baby is strong enough to breastfeed directly. Pumping around the clock to mimic a newborn’s feeding schedule is physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding—another stressor.

  4. Feeding Difficulties: Babies in the NICU might have more difficulty learning to breastfeed. They may be premature or have health conditions that make sucking, swallowing, and breathing—a coordinated effort required for effective breastfeeding—challenging.

  5. Limited Skin-to-Skin Contact: Skin-to-skin contact is crucial for bonding and stimulating breast milk production. NICU protocols and baby’s medical needs may limit these opportunities, affecting both the emotional connection and breastfeeding success.

  6. Navigating Medical Equipment: Babies in the NICU might need special feeding equipment, like tubes or bottles, before transitioning to direct breastfeeding. Learning to use this equipment, and eventually having to transition to the breast can be complicated and overwhelming to an already-stressed out family.

  7. Pressure and Guilt: Parents might feel added pressure to provide breast milk due to its health benefits, particularly important for vulnerable NICU babies. This pressure can come with feelings of guilt or failure.

Milk Stork and Hand to Hold: A Partnership to Support NICU Families

"At Milk Stork, we believe that breastfeeding is where mental and physical strength meet devotion," Kate Torgersen said, co-founder and CEO of Milk Stork. "No one embodies that more than a NICU parent pumping for her baby. We're proud to partner with Hand to Hold on the release of the Limited Edition Cool Commuter, and donate proceeds to support their incredible work of providing personalized support to NICU families."

Understanding and supporting NICU parents through one of the most stressful times in their lives can make a significant impact on their journey. That's why we're partnering with Hand to Hold for the release of the Limited Edition Cool Commuter.

Hand to Hold® is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) that provides personalized emotional support, educational resources and community before, during and after a NICU stay. They are boldy removing barriers for all NICU parents to receive emotional support at no cost. With every Limited Edition Cool Commuter purchase, Milk Stork will donate 10% of the proceeds to Hand to Hold.

NICU Families Need Reliable Breast Milk Storage

Expressing breast milk every 2-3 hours can be both physically and emotionally draining, adding to the challenges that many parents with babies in the NICU already face. Pumping parents know that reliable breast milk storage is critical for baby's health, but also for peace of mind.

The Cool Commuter is a high performing breast milk cooler for when you need it most, and is powerful enough to refrigerate freshly pumped breast milk on the go. It's thoughtfully built and tested to safely chill breast milk, and can even withstand extreme temperatures in the car or on long travel days. Thanks to sturdy insulation and two convenient gel packs, breast milk stays ice cold for up to 15 hours.

  • Extended breast milk cooling power. The Cool Commuter ensures that breast milk stays at CDC-approved, refrigerated temperatures for extended periods, even in challenging environments.
  • Unrivaled reliability. Enjoy peace of mind and confidence that your breast milk is cold and safe until you get home.
  • Simplifies pumping on the go: Simply freeze the included gel packs overnight and pack them in the Cool Commuter before you head out for the day. No learning curve, no extra parts to wash.

Limited quantities available! Shop the Limited Edition Cool Commuter here. Learn more about Hand to Hold at

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