Nourishing New Beginnings: Milk Stork and Your Surrogacy Journey

By on March 4, 2024

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In the heartwarming journey of surrogacy, the ability to share breast milk between surrogates and intended parents is a priceless gift. As surrogacy becomes an increasingly popular path to parenthood, Milk Stork's call to move this "liquid gold" safely and efficiently across distances has never been greater. 

The Nutritional Power of Breast Milk in Surrogacy

Breast milk, rich in essential nutrients and antibodies, plays a critical role in supporting the health and development of newborns. For intended parents who want breast milk as a feeding option, the nutritional value of breast milk is top priority, and a commitment to giving their new baby the best possible start in life. However, the geographical distance often present on surrogacy journeys can stand in the way of that commitment.

Milk Stork Bridges the Distance

Milk Stork handles the logistical challenges for incredible surrogates who choose to extend the surrogacy journey by supplying breast milk, and the intended parents who are so dedicated to providing optimal nutrition for their baby.

By facilitating the safe and efficient transport of breast milk, Milk Stork is proud to play a pivotal role in the surrogacy experience. We've shipped more than 7 million ounces of breast milk since 2015—a lot of which has been between surrogate and intended parents. Safe, reliable breast milk shipping ensures that the precious connection between surrogates and intended parents can carry on without compromise. 

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Here's how Milk Stork works for surrogacy:

1. Streamlined breast milk shipping between surrogates and intended parents. Milk Stork's Surrogacy Bundle removes the logistical hurdles of sending your surrogate's breast milk to baby. The Stash Surrogacy Bundle includes a high-capacity, medical-grade cooler and pre-addressed shipping labels so surrogates can easily ship breast milk to intended parents, and intended parents can simply send the empty cooler back to their surrogate for multiple shipments.

2. Reliability, safety, and peace of Mind. For surrogates and intended parents alike, knowing that breast milk can be shared efficiently and safely provides immense relief. The Surrogacy Bundle includes the temperature-controlled Stash Cooler, so that breast milk arrives fresh and still frozen.

3. Support for ALL Families. Milk Stork's commitment to inclusivity ensures that every family structure, especially those formed through surrogacy, has access to breast milk as a feeding option if they want it.


The Most Trusted Breast Milk Shipping Solution for Surrogates and Intended Parents

Milk Stork's dedication to facilitating this vital aspect of newborn nutrition and family bonding has placed us at the forefront of services that support modern family-building practices since 2015.  By addressing the specific challenges faced by surrogates and intended parents, Milk Stork ensures that the journey to parenthood is enriched with the irreplaceable benefits of breast milk.


Learn more about Milk Stork's surrogacy breast milk shipping here.


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