Milk Stork Joins #MilkBankChallenge to Help Reach 1 Million Ounces of Breast Milk Donation

By on August 28, 2023

Milk Stork has partnered with ConceiveAbilities, a leading fertility and surrogacy agency, for the #MilkBankChallenge: An ambitious initiative to reach 1,000,000 ounces of donated breast milk to milk banks, ensuring that vulnerable infants receive the nourishment that they need. To help cover the costs of breast milk donation, ConceiveAbilities is generously offering a one-time $250 gift card to all donors.

The Partnership

As industry leaders in their respective domains, Milk Stork’s collaboration with ConceiveAbilities amplifies the impact of the #MilkBankChallenge and emphasizes the importance of collective action and compassion.

The #MilkBankChallenge

Breast milk is an invaluable source of nutrition, immunity, and growth factors for infants, particularly for those babies in the NICU who are premature, ill, or unable to breastfeed for various reasons. The #MilkBankChallenge, fueled by the dedication of hardworking, pumping parents, aims to bring more breast milk to the babies and families who need it most.

Giving Back

The #MilkBankChallenge is not just about the numbers—it’s about empowering pumping parents to make a difference. Milk Stork and ConceiveAbilities recognize the collective power of parents who are committed to giving back to their communities. Donating surplus breast milk to milk banks is just one of many ways that parents can support each other and ensure that all babies in respective communities receive the nourishment and care they deserve.

Join the Movement

Pumping parents who are ready to donate and receive a one-time $250 gift card, courtesy of ConceiveAbilities, click here to get started!

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